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The Importance of a Web Agency's Portfolio

Importance of a Website Portfolio
Be sure to look at a web design company's portfolio before you hire one Choosing the right web design is critical to the success of your project. After all, they are responsible for building a website that will impress your visitors in the first few seconds, engage them and convert them into leads and customers. So how do you differentiate the seve...
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Reasonable Website Development Budgets

Website Development Budgets
  Why You Should Set a Reasonable Budget Before You Look For a Web Design Agency? You get what you pay for. We've all heard of that phrase and perhaps even used as a rebuttal when pitching our products. And this truism is absolute when it comes to building a business website. When businesses fail to budget appropriately when buying a website, ...
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Website Ownership Basics

Who owns my website after it has been built? You need a website. You have a tight budget. So, you sign up for a monthly payment plan with a web designer or a proprietary website platform. You're excited. After all, you made a smart deal. What seems like a smart idea will bring you in for a rude shock when you no longer want to pay the monthly subsc...
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Why You Need a Mobile Optimised Website

Back in February 2015, when Google announced that mobile-friendliness will be an important ranking signal, it sent businesses in a tizzy. A lot of businesses hurried to make their websites mobile-friendly. However, if you haven't made the switch yet, you are perhaps wondering what's the fuss about mobile-friendly websites and why you need one. Let'...
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The Accentuate IT Difference

Managing a business can get expensive. Everyone around you is asking for your money. An annual marketing conference you've always wanted to attend, another yearly subscription for the latest software, a training programme you can't skip. All these costs add up. So how do you justify paying $3,000 to $10,000 on a business website?  Why we are n...
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Interview Questions for Web Design Agencies

We are in the business of selling websites. Every day, we get calls from business owners who are looking for web design agencies. Naturally, we'd like some of them to choose our agency. However, we noticed a peculiar thing during these phone chats – often, people don't ask the right questions. Your initial discussion with a web design agency is an ...
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How Website Design Can Make or Break Conversion

When creating a website for your business, you're ultimate goal is to create a platform that ushers visitors towards a predetermined action. If you want your visitors to buy something, then your goal is to design a website that encourages that. The same thing applies if you want visitors to make a donation, subscribe to your blog, watch a video, et...
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6 Creative Ways to Approach Online Marketing

With more businesses embracing online marketing all the time, it takes ingenuity and adaptability to stay ahead of your competitors. On the surface, marketing strategies can appear formulaic, yet to truly grab your audience's attention and convert them to your brand, you need to buck the trend, and try something a little different. Whether you are ...
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